Character Counts!

Character Counts!
Pillar Trustworthiness TRUSTWORTHINESS
Be honest and loyal
Have the courage to do the right thing
Be a person of your word
Build a positive reputation
Pillar Respect RESPECT
Honor yourself and others through your words and actions
Accept and embrace our differences
Treat our world and everything within it with dignity
Walk in another person's shoes to understand him/her
Pillar Resposibility RESPONSIBILITY
Be accountable for your actions and decisions
Give your best effort despite adversity
Realize that your actions impact your community
Honor your commitments
Play by the rules
Be open-minded and listen to others
Make decisions based on the whole picture
Treat others the way you would like to be treated
Pillar Caring CARING
Be kind, helpful and generous to others
Express gratitude
Do good deeds without thought of a reward
Be slow to judge and quick to forgive
Pillar Citizenship CITIZENSHIP
Work with others and do your share to create a peaceful community
Be a good neighbor
Respect authority
Be a good steward of our environment