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A common misconception of the fire service is that when firefighters aren't putting out fires or training, we are shuttered in our fire stations waiting for the bell to ring. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Your Hagerstown firefighters regularly engage in non-emergency services and community events. You will see your firefighters in your community going door-to-door interacting with the citizens or changing smoke alarms. You'll see your firefighters at large City events, such as the Western Maryland Blues Fest, ensuring your safety and distributing life safety education materials. You'll see your Hagerstown firefighters just about everywhere!

Below you'll find a few services that the Hagerstown Fire Department regularly engages in, as well as, have the opportunity to request a service for yourself or your organization.

Smoke Detector Inspections & Installs

The Hagerstown Fire Department has long prided itself on an aggressive smoke detector program that aims to have at least one working smoking alarm on each living level of your home. This effort is aimed at preventing the 911. When it's can't prevent the call, smoke detectors have proven to save lives and property through early detection of a fire. Their presence and proper placement is invaluable.

Don't have a smoke alarm? Not sure if it works or is placed properly? Follow the link below to request a smoke detector inspection or install.

Smoke Detector Request Form

Fire Station Tours

The Hagerstown Fire Department regularly hosts community groups of all sizes and ages. We use this time to educate the public on the daily life of a firefighter, show different types of equipment, demonstrate the use of our personal protective equipment, and so much more. This is all done while continuing to reinforce life safety to our citizens.

Fire Station Tour Request

Special Events

The Hagerstown Fire Department participates in specials event across the entire City as regularly as possible while still maintaining a high level of emergency service. We visit all of the City schools for early childhood fire education or life safety presentations at the high schools.

We are visible at all large City events answering questions, disseminating life safety information, and providing basic life support services.

We stand by at the Hagerstown Suns games for fireworks. We participate  in public safety days at local establishments.

If you have an event that your believe having the fire department present for is important, we believe it's important too.

Special Events Request

If you have a general request or inquiry not specified above, we encourage you to make those online. You may also call (301) 790-2476.