Trash & Recycling

​The curbside collection of residential trash, recyclable materials, and yard waste is administered by the Engineering Division of the Department of Parks & Engineering. Use the links below to find more information about these programs, the collection schedules, and the limitations on what the City will and will not collect.





Yard Waste


Residential Trash and Recycling Collection

The City recently improved our recycling and trash collection program in the following ways:

    : Trash collection, recycling collection, and yard waste collection now occur on the SAME night. In other words, one night a week you will set out EVERYTHING. If unsure, click HERE to see the zone maps and FIND your collection calendar.

    : Recyclables (plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard, etc) can all be placed together in one City-issued recycling container. There is no need to separate recyclables. Glass is not collected for recycling.
Your neighbors, business owners, and the City need your assistance and cooperation to keep our city clean! Trash, recycling and yard waste must be placed at the curb between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. on your neighborhood's assigned set-out day. It is a violation of our community standards to set trash and recycling out on the wrong day. It is also not being a responsible member of our community.

Neighborhood Service Inspectors will issue one written notice in response to trash and recycling being set out on the wrong day. If trash and recycling are again placed out on the wrong day a fine will be issued to the property owner. The fine is substantial at $200 per occurrence.

At the core of our neighborhood support are efforts to advance the economy, image and quality of life in Hagerstown. Please join your neighbors, business owners and the City in keeping our city clean! Click here for information on when trash and recycling are to be set out in your neighborhood.

If you want to dispose of a large item (e.g. a sofa, an appliance, large pieces of furniture, etc.), please contact the Public Works Department at (301) 739-8577 ext. 178 for information on their Bulk Trash Pick-up program.

Commercial Trash and Recycling Collection

Contact our staff at (301) 739-8577 ext. 106 and we will be happy to review options with you for the City to collect your trash and/or recycling within the following parameters:

  • Trash Collection

    - $100/yr for one 95-gallon cart
  • Recycling Collection

    - $100/yr for one 95-gallon cart
  • Trash and Recycling Collection

    - $200/yr (one 95-gallon cart for trash plus one 95-gallon cart for recycling)
  1. Rodney Tissue

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  3. Trash & Recycling

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    Phone: (301) 739-8577 Ext. 106

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