Grinder Pump Policy

The Importance of Grinder Pumps

For those customers with grinder pumps; the low pressure sewage system servicing your home is part of a larger City of Hagerstown Wastewater Collection System. Some grinder pumps are maintained by the City of Hagerstown and some are considered private and thus maintained by the homeowner. The only grinder pump units maintained by the City of Hagerstown are located in Brightwood Acres East, Woodlands North and 16 units on Fair Meadows Boulevard. These customers receive a separate quarterly charge from the City of Hagerstown for providing this service. The grinder pump in your yard is an important part of the 150+ mile pipe system that carries sewage to the Wastewater Treatment Plant operated by City of Hagerstown.

Types of Systems

The Hagerstown Utilities Department, Wastewater Division uses several types of collection systems. Each has been designed to serve the customer in a particular area. Topography, the physical features of the earth, plays an important role in design selection. In areas which cannot be served by gravity flow, pumps are used to pump sewage into the pipe of a downstream gravity pipeline.

Customers that are located in areas which cannot be served by gravity pipes are served by low pressure systems. Low pressure systems use grinder pumps to grind the sewage from your home (much like a garbage disposal in your kitchen) and pump the sewage through small plastic pipes to the larger pipes in the street. Homes served with a grinder pump system do require the homeowner to take a more active role than required by a homeowner served by a gravity system.

It is important that you know how your home sewer system operates and that you notify the Hagerstown Utilities Department – Wastewater Division if a problem occurs. With your cooperation, your low pressure system will provide years of safe, reliable service. Please read the following information on the proper use, emergency procedures and special situation guidelines.

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