How to Protect Your System

The grinder pump can handle any wastewater that is normally discharged to the sewer from the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Some chemicals and materials may cause operating problems or safety hazards. It is advisable to check labels on chemicals prior to disposal. Never connect a sump pump to your sanitary plumbing; this would be considered a violation of Hagerstown’s City Code, section 240-41


Never put any of the following materials into sinks, toilets, or drains:
* Glass, metal, wood, Seafood Shells, Diapers, socks, rags, or cloth of any kind.
* Plastic Objects (toys, eating utensils, etc.
* Any Strong Chemicals, Toxic, caustic, or poisonous substances
* Gasoline, Kerosene, fuel oil, paint thinner
* Antifreeze, Lubricating Oil or Grease
* Cooking Fat, (lard, oil, grease)
* Degreasing solvents
* Sanitary/Baby Wipes.

These materials can damage the grinder pump, cause blockages, or may create unsafe conditions in your home pipes or tank.