Technical Details About Your Grinder Pump

A fiberglass sewage holding tank has been installed underground on your property, and a sewage grinder pump is housed in the tank. The tank cover is the only part that shows above ground. All the wastewater from your home flows into the buried tank. When the tank fills to a pre-set level, the grinder pump automatically turns on, grinds the waste, and pumps it out of the tank via the sewer service pipe and into the public sewer system. The grinder pump normally will run for one or two minutes and automatically turns off when the tank is emptied. During a typical day the pump may turn on and turn off 20 to 30 times. The pump is powered by electricity and is connected to a control panel in the basement and on the outside wall of your home. The property owner is responsible for the plumbing and electricity from the house to the tank canister. The cost of the electricity is paid by the property owner, not the Hagerstown Utilities Department.