Park Improvement Projects

The City's Parks & Recreation Division is constantly working to improve our park system, including the addition of amenities at each park, upgrades to existing facilities, or the development of totally new parks. Below is a list of current and planned projects - for more information, please contact the Parks & Recreation Division at 301-739-8577 ext. 169.

Pangborn Park Pond

In late 2019, Reconstruction of Pangborn Park Pond and Stabilization of Hamilton Run” will begin and take several months to complete.  This project includes the reconstruction of the 1.1 acre pond that we believe was constructed in the 1930’s.  The final plan includes the following enhancements:

  • Dredging and removing up to a few feet of sediment.  
  • Replacing the perimeter walls around the pond
  • Replacing the outlet structure, 
  • Replacing the inlet structure since it allows sediment into the pond and the structure appears to take too much flow from Hamilton Run,  
  • Restoring Hamilton Run since it is experiencing bank erosion on the west bank.  
  • New sidewalk around entire lake and adding accessible pedestrian access to the pond from the     Pangborn Blvd. sidewalk


Other park projects planned for 2019/20 include:

  •     Potterfield Pool filter replacements and sprayground improvements
  •     Improved Train Hub exhibits
  •     Additional  parking in City Park
  •     FIT Room bathroom remodeling
  •     Hager Park stormdrain replacement
  •     Improved holiday lighting