Pole Attachments

Please follow the instructions below for requesting attachment to HLD utility poles:

1.  Complete an HLD Pole Attachment Application and submit via email to: attachments@hagerstownlight.org.  Mail a check made out to the "City of Hagerstown" for the proper application fee to the HLD along with a paper copy of the application for reference*.

2.  Apply for a username/login with the National Joint Utility Notification System (NJUNS).   The HLD uses the NJUNS system to track and manage all attachment requests and projects.

3.  Complete a HLD Pole Profile Form for each pole and upload to the NJUNS system.  Photo measured and labeled "stick sheets" can be uploaded in lieu of the HLD forms.

4.  Enter all pole data and required information into the NJUNS system.

5.  The HLD will review the submitted information for accuracy and contact the applicant for make-ready, coordination, and pole attachment agreement details.

6.  General questions can be submitted to attachments@hagerstownlight.org

*Review of applications will not begin until fees have been received by The Hagerstown Light Department.