Street Lighting

Keeping Your Streets Safe
The Hagerstown Light Department (HLD) puts forth considerable effort in ensuring that the streets and public rights of way in Hagerstown are well illuminated. New lighting is installed or existing lighting is upgraded throughout the year in various areas and neighborhoods in response to request made by the Police Department, neighborhood watch groups, and individual citizens.

How To Report Street Light Outages
To report a street light outage or improper functioning, click HERE. You may also call us at (301) 790-2600. Please provide us with a pole number, light number, or other helpful location information so we may find the light swiftly and have it repaired. The number will either be on a round metal tag on wooden poles or black / yellow decal numbers on metal poles.

If a streetlight comes on for a while, then goes out, and then comes back on again, the streetlight is beginning to degrade and is cycling on and off. The bulb heats up and then goes out, cools off and then comes on again, until it heats up once more. When reporting a street lighting problem such as this, please be sure to let us know that this is what is occurring. Otherwise, when the service line worker checks the problem during daylight hours, the light will be cool, thus functional, making it more difficult to analyze the problem.

Requesting a Street Light Installation
To request that street light be placed somewhere, please call Hagerstown Light Division (HLD). Give detailed information about where you would like the light installed. HLD will send an employee out to observe the location and determine if we can install a light at your requested location. We will then present an agreement to both you and your surrounding neighbors to determine if extra light is acceptable to the majority.

Contact Us
Have a question or concern? Please contact HLD at (301) 790-2600.