Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Through a combination of financial management policies, land use and forecasting, the City will ensure stability by maximizing its use of resources.  To assist the Mayor and City Council, a five year forecast of the City’s General and Enterprise Funds is included in the City’s budget document to illustrate the financial impact of their decisions. On November 23, 2021, Mayor and Council adopted their new Goals & Priorities for 2021 through 2024.  As outlined below, these priorities are categorized under ten “pillar” goals which were derived from Mayor and Council’s Mission and Vision Statement that was also approved by the elected body November 23, 2021.

Mayor & Council Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Vision Statement:  The City of Hagerstown will inspire an inclusive, business-friendly, and sustainable community with clean, safe and vibrant neighborhoods.

Mission Statement:  The City of Hagerstown shall be a community focused municipality.

The City will emphasize the following Focus Areas through the implementation of the Mayor & Council’s Strategic Plan:

  • Neighborhoods Revitalization & Sustainability
  • Public Safety
  • Public Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Economic Development
  • Citizen-Based Government
  • Fiscal Accountability
  • Parks & Recreation for Active/Healthy Living
  • Innovative/Progressive Government
  • Community Promotion/Pride
  • Economic Development through Sports and Tourism
  • Misc. Projects, Goals and Legislative Priorities


The citizens of Hagerstown will experience a high quality of life.

  • Identify and prioritize blighted structures and rehabilitation of these parcels to allow placement back on the real property tax roll.
  • Sustaining and improving Planning, Code and Zoning policies and laws for continued neighborhood protections.
  • Promote neighborhood-based services and citizen engagement by defining neighborhood boundaries and identities and by expanding Neighborhoods 1st programming.
  • Continue to improve conditions in neighborhoods by working with owners, tenants and investors utilizing the Rental Facilities and Vacant Structures programs.
  • Promote neighborhoods that demonstrate community pride on a regular basis
  • Develop partnerships to create a public housing plan and diversify housing balance
  • Strategic Community Revitalization Approach
Neighborhoods Revitalization and Sustainability


The City of Hagerstown ensures that all who live, work, and play in the City of Hagerstown will be healthy and safe.

  • Support the manpower and capital needs of the City Police, Fire, Code and Public Works Departments.
  • Focus attention and resources to recruitment and retention in the Police Department.
  • Sustain a focus for the City Fire System and the all hazards mission.
  • Work with State delegation and community stakeholders to develop legislation and programs to address gangs, violence, drug activity and juvenile crimes. Invest in Youth Violence Prevention Initiative.
  • Continue focus on the opioid epidemic through collaborating with community stakeholders and through the continuing opioid litigation.
  • Explore 24-Hour Crisis Center in partnership with hospital, health department, other partners


The City of Hagerstown will maintain quality services and infrastructure that support residents and businesses in a cost-effective manner.

  • Planning for construction of a third parking deck and incorporate new technologies that provide and promote a more customer-oriented parking experience throughout the City owned parking facilities and lots.
  • Implementation of Stormwater Restoration Plan and continually review fee structure.
  • Support current improvement plan to the Breichner Water Plant, Edgemont Reservoir and surrounding watershed properties.
  • Using the data from an updated street Pavement Condition Survey, make future pavement maintenance decisions.
  • Support MML Legislative priority to restore HUR permanently
  • Ensure sustainability of our water/wastewater distribution and apply industry best management practices.
  • Reserve capacity of water/wastewater for the City and its growth priorities.
Public Facilities


The City of Hagerstown has a diverse, business-friendly economy that supports the community's needs.

  • Implement the Community's City Center Plan to promote economic development and strong neighborhoods
  • Review of Pre-annexation agreements and continue to explore new possibilities for annexation opportunities.
  • Continued marketing of City owned properties to the private sector and attracting tenants to available space in City-owned property and managing lease agreements and lease renewals.
  • Business Retention, Expansion and Attraction.
  • Continued administration of incentive programs including the Invest Hagerstown Grant.
  • Engage in an updated community center city plan
Economic Development


The City of Hagerstown is an ethical and financially responsible government.

  • Promote awareness and understanding of the City's finances through accessible and easy-to-use data presentations.
  • Continue to support the Main Street Program and those volunteer groups.
  • Grow a foundation of active and engaged residents to serve on various City boards and commissions.
  • Improve access to City website information for mobile device users.
  • Create text message opportunities to promote events, meetings and important alerts
  • Continue and enhance Hagerstown Youth Council 
  • Support A&E Committee


The City of Hagerstown will strive for continuous improvement of fiscally responsible decision making.

  • Grow assessable base (see Neighborhood Revitalization & Sustainability).
  • Promote improvements to the State tax assessment and appeals process.
  • Continue to strive for the most efficient management of departmental resources and expense controls.
  • Evaluate the future structure and delivery of City services within the availability of our community's financial resources and in response to the needs of Hagerstown's citizens and businesses.
  • Continued review of Fiscal policies and make recommendations for any changes.
  • Continue work on the Utility Rate structures for Water, Wastewater and Stormwater.
  • Address staffing in all departments including competitive salary.


The City of Hagerstown supports a rich, social and culturally vibrant community.

  • Construct a Splash Pad.
  • Continue to develop and expand programs through the Parks & Recreation Division to increase active, healthy living for our citizens.
  • Continue to develop programs that add public art throughout City neighborhoods, parks and public gathering places on an annual basis.
  • Invest in Public Art Commissions efforts to increase public are in the City
  • Make public space inviting and a focal point
  • Develop a Wheaton Park Improvement Plan
  • Grow interconnected pedestrian walkability
Parks and Recreation for Active Healthy Living


The City of Hagerstown is committed to employee development, excellence in services, and adapting to meet the needs of the community and the organization.

  • High focus on Customer Service innovations to enhance the customer service experience.
  • Full Service / 24 hour access to City services through implementation of a customer kiosk in the Downtown area.
  • Provide ability for application for all types of City permits online, 24x7 access.
  • Charter and City Code amendment review. (Possible creation of Ad-Hoc committee).
  • Human Resource technology focus on ways to automate or streamline routine tasks
  • Support and explore energy sustainability options


The City of Hagerstown will take the lead in improving our Community Image by releasing factual, timely and transparent messaging.

  • Creation of an Image/Marketing Plan
  • Taking image management and enhancement messaging outside of Hagerstown and Washington County.
  • Utilize all means of media outlets and partners to promote our messaging including our own studio and help of organizations such as MML, trade shows, professional conferences, Chamber etc.
  • City hosted block parties, diversity events, and other inclusive, unique opportunities
  • City hosted Neighborhood Cleanup Events
  • Development of Mayoral Ambassador Program across all communities outside of N1 program
  • Host public meetings in the community
Community Promotion and Pride


The City of Hagerstown will be creative and diversify opportunities for Economic Development through nontraditional means.

  • Indoor Sportsplex RFP and development by 2023 including property acquisition for redevelopment.
  • Amphitheater exploration and RFP
  • Finish Skateboard Park by 2022
  • Support and expand opportunities at existing recreation facilities.


The City of Hagerstown takes a creative approach at finding solutions.

  • Enhance community partnerships to help address homeless issues including housing crisis, mental health and lack of year round shelter
  • Work to address food deserts 
  • Expand Bridge to Change Program by working with other organizations
  • Solutions based meetings approach
  • Expand “Operation Take Back” approach
  • Neon Light Project and other “light up” promotions
  • Find solution for tax differential and fair fire funding or consider pulling resources
  • Address long term MRGA water/wastewater plan
  • Public Restrooms
Citizen-based Government