Available Commercial, City-Owned and Partnership Properties

Find a Building or Site for Your Business

Economic Development staff with the City of Hagerstown will provide you with a list of available properties that match your needs.  Contact us at DCED@hagerstownmd.org or 301-739-8577 ext. 111.

You may also search our State of Maryland database of commercial and industrial properties.

This is a new tool and not all properties are listed.  Please contact us so we can provide you with a full list of available properties.  Brokers, agents, and property owners are also encouraged to contact us to add properties to this tool.

Sale of City Owned Properties

The City of Hagerstown makes City owned real estate available for purchase through the Competitive Negotiated Sale Process.  The application process for this program evaluates the vision and plan for a property in combination with an offer price.  The goal of the program is to return properties to the private sector for their highest and best use.

Properties currently for sale include:

1. 11850 Indian Lane

2. 14 N. Potomac St.

3. Central Parking Lot

 Program Guidelines and the Competitive Negotiated Sale Application Form (pdf)

Partnership Proposals
Burobox RFP

Partnership Proposals

Similar to the CNS Process, the City of Hagerstown may request and receive proposals for specific desired Partnerships. The application process for this program evaluates proposals for the highest and best use vision and plan for fostering business growth and economic impact for the downtown.