Competitive Negotiated Sale (CNS) of City Owned Property

Program Overview

The Competitive Negotiated Sale is a process that facilitates the sale of City-owned properties. The City of Hagerstown makes real estate available for purchase and redevelopment. The Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) coordinates the process and accepts purchase applications. The Mayor and City Council identify properties to be offered for sale and ultimately approve any development concept and purchase.

Who Is Eligible To Purchase City Property By Negotiated Sale?

Any entity or individual may qualify to purchase City property through this process except that some restrictions may apply to City of Hagerstown employees. The purchaser must be able to demonstrate the financial ability and experience necessary to complete the purchase, any proposed development plan and /or the operation and proper maintenance of the property.

What Financial Incentives Are Available?

Redevelopment projects that will create visible change and provide tangible public benefits may be eligible for various forms of financial assistance, such as facade grants. Eligibility for most financial assistance programs requires a property location in a designated redevelopment area. For more information on the various assistance programs administered by DCED, visit the department’s webpage.

Application and Approval Process

Applicants must submit a completed CNS application form, along with any and all required supporting documents, to DCED. A staff committee will review all complete application submittals and recommend certain applications to be presented to the Mayor and City Council. Competitive proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis. Application reviews occur the first week of each month. In order to be considered in a timely fashion, please submit a completed application before the end of the month. If a concept is approved by the Mayor and City Council, staff will be authorized to negotiate a Purchase Agreement consistent with the terms of the application. 

Click here to download and complete an application.