Enterprise Zone

Eligibility for Enterprise Zone Benefits

To qualify for the Enterprise Zone benefits, a business must first be located within the zone.

Enterprise Zone Map

The business must also meet the minimum requirements for construction/rehabilitation investment or job creation. In addition, the program is restricted to certain business types.

The minimum requirements for construction/rehabilitation investment or job creation are as follows:

In City Center (CC-MU Zoning Area):
$5,000 construction or rehabilitation investment or
1 new job created

Outside City Center:
$50,000 construction or rehabilitation investment or
5 new jobs created

Note: For investment, machinery & equipment purchases are not eligible.

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A new job is defined as:
• Full time, permanent position (35 hours or more per week)
• Earning 150% of the federal minimum wage
• Employed for at least six months before claiming credit
• Not previously existed in Washington County before the business’ location or expansion in the Enterprise Zone

Eligible business types are as follows:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • R&D
  • Corporate/Regional Offices
  • Service Industries
  • Mercantile/Retail, if located within City Center

Incentives Offered through the Enterprise Zone

The Enterprise Zone incentives are available to commercial projects only. There are two (2) components of the incentive:

Real Property Tax Credits:

Ten-year credit against local real property taxes on the value of a portion of real property improvements. Properties located in the City receive the tax credit on both the City and County property taxes.

  • Year 1-5: 80% (of the change in assessed value)
  • Year 6: 70%
  • Year 7: 60%
  • Year 8: 50%
  • Year 9: 40%
  • Year 10: 30%

The State of Maryland reimburses each local jurisdiction 50% of the revenue lost as a result of offering the Enterprise Zone Real Property Tax Credit. This is subject to approval in the annual budget.

Income Tax Credit:

One or three-year credit for wages paid to eligible new employees. General credit is a one-time, $1,000 credit per new worker. For economically disadvantaged employees, credit increase to a total of $6,000 per worker distributed over three years (or $2,000 per worker for 3 years).

Administration and Forms

The Enterprise Zone is administered by the Washington County Department of Business Development (DBD). Point of contact is:

Linda Spence
Phone: 240-313-2286
Email: lspence@washco-md.net

Complete program guidelines apply.

Click on this link for the full Program Guidelines & Application.