Safe Speeds for Students Program

How do I pay a ticket?

*Please note payment is not accepted at City Hall or the Hagerstown Police Department*

  1. Pay Online
  2. Pay by phone by calling (443) 749-8839. Have your Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card information ready. 
  3. Mail a check or money order to:
Automated Speed Enforcement
City of Hagerstown, MD
P.O. Box 5046
Hagerstown, MD  21740

City of Hagerstown Designations Pursuant to House Bill 929

As a result of the new Speed Camera Monitoring Law, HB 929, passed during the 2014 Legislative Session, the following changes have been made to the department’s “Safe Speeds for Students” program:

Program Administrator

Officer Tim Culp has been appointed as the department’s Safe Speeds for Students Program Administrator. The position description, as outlined in the law, is as follows:  The person chosen by the local jurisdiction, not affiliated with the contractor, who manages the speed monitoring program.  The administrator shall be trained before beginning the program and every two years thereafter.  As the Administrator, Officer Culp oversees all operations of the system, including activating and de-activating the cameras, approving citations, calibration/certifications, and ensuring the system is operating efficiently and effectively. Officer Culp also provides patrol support to the Downtown Squad and responds to calls as necessary.

Officer Tim Culp

Program Ombudsman

Lt. Mark Renner has been appointed to serve as the Safe Speeds for Students Program Ombudsman.  The new law states that the local jurisdiction shall designate an official or employee to investigate and respond to questions or concerns about the local jurisdiction's speed monitoring system or a violation.  This designee shall have the authority to void erroneous violations.  This designee may not be employed by a contractor or be involved in the review of any violations.

For questions regarding a citation, please contact the Hagerstown Police Department by phone at 301-739-8577 x 352.

Postal Mail: 

Automated Speed Enforcement
City of Hagerstown, MD
P.O. Box 5046
Hagerstown, MD  21741

Radar Certification

Maryland State Law requires the radar units to be certified annually, but the Hagerstown Police Department exceeds those standards by certifying the radar units twice a year.

More Information

 Maryland State Law:

TA 21-803
Allows local authorities to establish school zones within ½ mile of a school.

TA 21-809
Sets violations for automated speed enforcement at 12 mph or more. Maximum fine of $40. 

 Full Copy of current Maryland Law updated June 2014

 Hagerstown City Ordinances:

Section 60-17: Authorized Speed Monitoring Systems in School Zones; (C) (2) permits a $5 discount if paid within 7 days of the issuance of the citation.

Section 60-18: Established the City of Hagerstown, Maryland School Zones; within 200 yards of the school property.