Crime Free Training

Crime-Free Housing

This basic 4 hour course is open to the public and introduces landlords, property owners and managers to the best practices toward achieving the goal of a Crime-Free property.  While no property can be entirely immune to criminal activity, the basic Crime-Free training course will provide a variety of tools and techniques essential to the promotion of a safe community.  While this course is voluntary, some property owners/managers may be required to attend if their property receives a certain number of notices by the city.  More information can be found in Chapter 95 and Chapter 197 of the City Code.   

Crime Free Ordinance Training Dates

(Training meets the Excessive Use of City Services training requirements)                 

All classes will be held at the Washington County Free Library, Room #334.
Any class that does not have anyone registered 48 hours prior to the beginning of class will be cancelled.  Please contact the Crime Free Programs Office at 301-797-6408 or with any questions.

Voluntary Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program

The Course is FREE of charge and there is no obligation to continue the program.
Hagerstown Police Department, 50 N. Burhans Blvd, Hagerstown, MD 21740

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To register, Contact:
Lt. John Lehman

The Hagerstown Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is designed to help owners and managers of rental properties in their efforts to keep drugs and other illegal activity off their property. The purpose of this program is not to SERVE the landlords, but to EDUCATE them and their residents to improve the livability of the neighborhoods by reducing crime.

The training consists of three phases:                                                                               
  1. Management Training
  2. Premises Security Assessments
  3. Resident Training
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