Effects of Designation

Historic Districts and Landmarks are locally designated historic districts and properties that have been acknowledged by the City as worthy of recognition and preservation for their significance in history, architecture, archaeology and/or culture. Historic Districts are comprised of two or more properties. Landmarks are individual properties or structures located outside of Historic Districts.

Historic District and Landmark Designation . . .
DOES require that all improvements to the exterior of structures and their settings be reviewed by the City's Historic District Commission. The Commission uses adopted guidelines to review proposed projects for compatibility with the architectural importance of the building(s) and their impact on the district's physical character.

DOES provide eligibility for county real property tax credits for restorations and additions to historic structures. These credits include a property tax credit of l0% of the owner's expense for restoration or 5% of the expense for new construction attached to an existing structure. Projects must meet the National Park's Service's Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation.

DOES provide eligibility for federal income tax benefits including income tax credits equal to 20% of the costs of an approved rehabilitation of an income-producing "certified heritage resource" and a charitable donation deduction for the conveyance of a perpetual easement to a qualified preservation organization.

DOES provide eligibility for Maryland income tax credits equal to 20% of an approved rehabilitation of a "certified heritage structure."

DOES provide eligibility to apply for federal and state grants and state low interest loans for historic preservation projects.

DOES allow residents of a district the opportunity to voice their concerns about the preservation of buildings and streetscape elements that are important to the character of the district.

DOES provide special design consideration to public capital improvement projects such as street lighting and landscaping.

DOES assist in preserving the aesthetic character of a site or neighborhood.

DOES NOT dictate paint color or require review of work exactly in kind (for example - replacing wood column on a front porch with a wood replacement that looks exactly like the original).

DOES NOT require the owner to preserve or maintain the property (unless determined to be demolition by neglect under the Zoning Ordinance).

For further information about the Historic Preservation program in Hagerstown, please contact the Planning Office at (301) 790-4163, extension 138, or E-Mail at planning@hagerstownmd.org.