Facility Rentals


The City of Hagerstown welcomes the opportunity to serve you as a rental patron at our many parks and play areas. We aim to serve the community by providing clean, attractive, and well-maintained facilities in our parks. We are now accepting online reservations for pavilions. You can apply online to REQUEST to rent other facilities subject to review and approval by the City. Below you will find links to assist you in renting our facilities. For facility reservations, you can also call the Parks and Recreation Division office at (301) 739-8577 ext.169.

Reserve a Pavilion

We are now accepting online reservations to rent pavilions. You can reserve a pavilion as early as 180 calendar days prior to your event but you must reserve at least 10 calendar cays prior to your event. If you have any special needs or requests, rather than reserve online, please call our office at (301) 739-8577 ext.169 to discuss those options with our staff.

The cost to rent a pavilion is $75 per day (effective July 1, 2023). Additional fees may apply for special needs or requests. All pavilions have electricity available. Other amenities like restrooms can be viewed online using the various "Amenities Maps" for each park. Please vacate the park by sunset.

Facilities are available for rent from mid-April to mid-October. Please contact our office if you have questions. Pavilion Refund Policy

Hager Park Pavilion and Picnic Table

Rent the Fit Room at Fairgrounds Park

The City of Hagerstown Parks & Recreation division's first indoor recreation space is located at 532 N. Cannon Ave. in Fairgrounds Park. The Fit Room at Fairgrounds Park holds up to 144 people. Rentals include the use of bathrooms, tables, and chair amenities. The cost is $50/hour with a 4-hour minimum, plus a one-time $25 administrative fee and $75 cleaning fee. Set-up and tear-down time is included in billable hours. 

 Complete and return the Fit Room Rental Request Application to reserve the Fit Room at Fairgrounds Park for your private party. Once the rental request has been approved, payment in full is required. A key pick-up date must be scheduled the week before the approved rental, and a key drop-off date and staff walk-through-site inspection the Monday following the weekend reservation.

For more information, or to have the application mailed to you directly, please call: 301-739-8577 x 883.  

Fit Room Interior from entrance

Rent Other Park Facilities

We are now accepting online applications to reserve other park facilities (other than pavilions) such as stages, stables, etc. Prices vary based your needs and when your request is submitted you will receive an estimate of cost. Your application will be reviewed by Parks and Recreation management and we will notify you of our decision. If you have any special needs or requests, rather than reserve online, please call our office at (301) 739-8577 ext.169 to discuss those issues with our staff. 

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To request a facility in person, our office is located at 351 North Cleveland Avenue in Fairgrounds Park.
Office hours, 8am – 4pm. Please bring these completed forms to our office: Facility Use Application. Events open to the public require insurance certificates with the City named as an “additional insured” party. A collection fee of $37.50 will be assessed for any check returned by the bank for whatever reason.

All park patrons are asked to comply with the Park Rules and Regulations