Disposal of Electronics, Light Bulbs, Tires, etc.

The City's trash and recycling program cannot accept certain materials; if you need to dispose of these items, please follow the instructions below. Please confirm this information by visiting the website for the Washington County Solid Waste Department, or by calling (240) 313-2790, as their policies and disposal rates may change over time. Washington County operates five (5) facilities for recycling drop-off; please call the phone number listed for each facility for operating hours and additional information:

Forty West Landfill
12360 Earth Care Road
Hagerstown, MD 21740
(240) 313-2790

Greensburg Conv. Center
13125 Bikle Road
Smithsburg, MD 21783
(301) 824-3266

Hancock Conv. Center
6502 Hess Road
Hancock, MD 21750
(301) 678-5949

Dargan Conv. Center
2201 Dargan School Road
Sharpsburg, MD 21782
(301) 432-4103

Kaetzel Conv. Center
2926 Kaetzel Road
Knoxville, MD 21758
(301) 432-2066

Electronic Equipment

As funds allow, the City typically holds an electronics recycling event each November.  City residents attending this event may dispose of electronic equipment such as televisions, computers, printers, consumer electronics, etc. free of charge.   The Washington County Forty West Landfill also accepts electronic equipment; residents need to cross the scales before disposal. The minimum cost is $10.00 (for the first 360 lbs); additional fees apply over 360 lbs. See the County's Solid Waste Department's website for more information.

Flourescent Light Bulbs

Residential customers are permitted to dispose of flourescent light bulbs in their regular trash. Any businesses or residents with large amounts of light bulbs must contact the County's Solid Waste Department for disposal instructions.

Used Tires

All used tires should be taken to Washington County's Forty West Landfill. The disposal fee for car tires is $3.00 each (up to 5 tires); for more than 5 tires, you must contact the Washington County Recycling Coordinator at (240) 313-2796. As an alternative, you may schedule to have the City pick up your tires; please refer to the Bulk Trash Pick Up page for more details.

Battery Disposal

Small household (single use) batteries can be disposed of in the regular trash. Small rechargeable batteries, or batteries from cars, trucks, lawn equipment, etc., can be taken to Washington County's Forty West Landfill for recycling. The Landfill provides a specified area just for batteries, with no drop-off fee.

Used Motor Oil, Antifreeze, or Vegetable Oil

All five of Washington County's recycling locations will accept up to five (5) gallons of used motor oil or antifreeze per visit; vegetable oil is only accepted at the 40 West Landfill facility.

Prescription Drugs or Medications

Drugs and medications should not be disposed of in the regular household trash or recycling, or flushed down a drain or toilet. The Hagerstown Police Department has installed a Medication Drop-Off box at the Police Station, and the Washington County Sheriff's Department also has a Prescription Drug Turn-In Program to assist residents with proper disposal of these items.

Styrofoam (white block only)

Effective July 15, 2020, the Washington County's Forty West Landfill will no longer accept white block styrofoam for recycling.

Thermostats containing mercury

Contact the Washington County Solid Waste Department at (240) 313-2790 for disposal instructions.

Liquid Paint

Paint cannot be disposed of in the regular trash if it is in liquid form; it must first be solidified or dried out. Use kitty litter, sand, torn up newspaper, or dirt to absorb the liquid, or (for small amounts) remove the can's lid and allow the paint to air dry for several days. Once the paint is solidified or dried, it can be disposed of with the regular trash.