Outdoor Grilling

An outdoor grill is a great addition to any gathering and it makes any meal better!! The Hagerstown Fire Department wants all of it citizens to enjoy their time with family and friends, but DON'T INVITE US TO DINNER!

As is the case with anything, grilling needs to be done in a safe manner. Proper placement of a grill is imperative and you should always inspect unit for damage before it's use.

The Hagerstown Fire Prevention Code requires under NFPA 1 section that:

"For other than one and two family dwellings, no hibachi, gas-fired grill, charcoal grill, or similar devices used for cooking, heating, or other purpose, shall be used or kindled on a balcony or under an overhanging portion or within 15 feet of any structure."
Exception: Electric ranges, grills, or similar electrical apparatus

Grilling Safety