The goal of the Hagerstown City Fire Marshal's Office is to preserve life and property from fire, explosion, and other related hazards through fire prevention, fire and explosion investigation and the enforcement of the City of Hagerstown Fire Prevention Code, the State of Maryland Fire Prevention Code, and the Fire Laws of Maryland.

This Office:

  • Conducts fire safety inspections of existing structures to assure conformance with the Maryland State Fire Prevention Code and the City of Hagerstown Fire Prevention Code
  • Conducts inspections on new fire protections systems and buildings under construction or portions thereof in accordance with permits issued, for compliance with the State and City Fire Prevention Code 
  • Conducts inspections of facilities for compliance with the Fire Prevention Code 
  • Investigates complaints and conduct inspections regarding reported fire safety hazards in existing structures
  • Maintains records of fire safety inspections
  • Reviews site plans for new subdivisions, building plans for compliance the Life Safety and Fire Prevention Code and fire protection system plans to assure compliance with applicable codes and regulations 
  • Conducts investigations of fire and explosive incidents
  • Enforce laws when dealing with crimes of arson or explosives
  • Coordinates fire and life safety educations programs conducted through the Fire Department
  • Issues permits where required by the Hagerstown City Fire Prevention Code