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Code Administration

  1. Application for Temporary Use of Outdoor Space - Private Property

    Application to permit temporarily use of outdoor space as dining areas.

  2. Building Permit Application Submission Form

    Online form to submit a building permit application.

  3. Engineering Permit Application

    Online form to submit Engineering Permit Application

  4. Outdoor Cafe Tent Permit Application
  5. Rental Interior Webinar Feedback
  6. Report a Concern / Violation about a Property
  7. Request Reprint of Rental License

    Form to request reprint of rental license for a $5.00 fee

  1. Application for Temporary Use of Public Right-of-Way for Sidewalk Cafes

    The license agreement allows for temporarily use of the public right-of-way for the sidewalk cafes.

  2. Electrical Permit Application
  3. Mechanical Permit Application
  4. Plumbing Permit Application
  5. Rental License Application

    Rental license application to submit for a new property or to renew

  6. Report a Vacant Property in your neighborhood
  7. Trade Permit Application (Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical)

    Online form to submit a trade permit application.


  1. Business/Industry In-Service Training
  2. Daily Vehicle Inspection
  3. Fire Report Request
  4. Juvenile Fire Setters Program Intake Form
  5. Near-Miss Report

    Near-miss reporting systems are used to gather information to prevent unsafe occurrences from happening in the future. They focus on... More…

  6. Request for HFD Training Center or Office Classroom

    This form is to be used by authorized personnel of the fire, rescue and law enforcement communities only. This form is NOT to be used... More…

  7. Special Events Request

    Special Event Request Please allow (2) business days for this request to be processed.

  8. Tips & Complaints
  9. Vehicle Maintenance Request
  1. Closing of Vacant Structure

    This form should be filled out for any board up by the HFD. Online forms are submitted directly to the Fire Marshal's Officer for... More…

  2. Facilities Maintenance Service Request
  3. General Inquiry
  4. Monthly EMS Inspections
  5. Permits Request Form
  6. Smoke Detector Request
  7. Station Tour Request
  8. Vehicle Collision Reporting

Parks and Recreation

  1. Monthly Newsletter Email List

    Want to know about Parks and Rec events coming up? Get our monthly newsletter!


  1. Cadet Inquiry Form
  2. Personnel Commendations & Complaints

    The Chief of Police welcomes and encourages any commendations or complaints from the community about the performance of our officers.... More…

  3. Report Criminal Activity or Information

    Do Not Use this Form if you need a police officer to respond. Dial 911 or 240-313-4345 for Police Dispatch. This form is ONLY to... More…

  4. Security Camera Registration
  1. Fill this out to be contacted by a recruiter.
  2. Property Return Appointment Request
  3. Report-A-Concern

    To share non-emergency information relating to neighborhood problems, crime issues or traffic concerns.