Parking Meters

The City of Hagerstown uses parking meters in all of its public parking lots and in the City Center to control the usage of parking spaces. The meters accept U.S. coins ONLY in denominations of Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters.

The meter rates are clearly posted on each meter along with the maximum available time limit the meter will allow. Meters on the streets are all either 2-hour or 30-minute time limit meters. The 30-minute meters are distinguished by the RED outer meter shell. Meters in the long-term lots are a mix of 2-hour and 10-hour time limits. The meters are all clearly marked which is which. The 2-hour meters are located at the entrances to the lots, with the long-term meters being farther into the lot. The 2-hour meters in all the lots are marked for NO PERMIT PARKING.

Enjoy free parking at all on-street and lot meters after 5 p.m. each weekday and all day on weekends.

It is illegal to feed the meters in the City of Hagerstown. That means that when your time limit has expired, you must remove your vehicle and allow someone else to occupy the space. You may park for up to 10 hours in a ten-hour meter and for up to 2 hours in a two-hour meter. Vehicles will be ticketed for “feeding the meter” to extend the allowable time period.

The City of Hagerstown makes it a priority to provide available and accessible disability parking to downtown residents, visitors, and employees. There is designated parking for motorists with disabilities in all of our parking decks and surface lots. All parking meters meet American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, and drivers with disability tags or placards are still required to pay the meter.

Defective Parking Meter

The time limit is clearly displayed on each meter after each coin is deposited. If a meter is defective, please report it immediately to the parking system in order to avoid getting a ticket at: 301-739-8577 x. 479 or by Email.

Parking Meter