Street Trees

Tree Planting ProgramsStreet Trees

In an effort to reintroduce forest canopy to the urban landscape, and to increase the appeal of our City streetscapes, the Engineering Division administers contracts to plant trees along public streets. Funding for this effort comes from various sources, including grants from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and from the City’s general fund. Over the past several years, the City has planted an average of 200 street trees per year; we expect this program to continue, as it also helps the City to meet its requirements for stormwater management and water quality improvements.

Planting a Tree

Residents wishing to have a street tree installed at their property should contact the Engineering Division at (301) 739-8577 ext. 125 to discuss their request. A site inspection by division staff will likely be required to determine whether there is a suitable planting location at your property. If the tree is to be planted between the curb line and the sidewalk, or in the right-of-way of the street, it shall be one of the species on the City's Approved Street Tree List.  The schedule for actually having a tree planted depends upon several factors, including project funding and the weather conditions during the planting season.