Design & Construction

The Engineering Division, working in conjunction with other departments, is responsible for the design of many of the City’s Capital Improvement Projects. In particular, the Engineering Division prepares design plans for roadway construction projects, storm drainage projects, sidewalk and walking trail improvements, and land development projects such as parking lot construction and improvements at the various City parks.
An extensive set of standards and construction details has been created by the Engineering Division that regulates improvements in the public right of way. The geometric requirements for new driveway connections to public streets are listed in the City's Access Management Policy.  The division also has its own inspection staff that monitors construction of both public and private development projects. Also, working with the City’s Planning Office and the Department of Public Works, the Engineering Division administers the contracts to continue the City’s street tree planting initiative.

For more information on the Division's Design & Construction activities, please call (301) 739-8577 ext. 125.

The Engineering Division inspection staff monitors construction on capital improvement projects, improvements in the public right of way, and private development projects. The staff is also responsible for performing curb and sidewalk inspections throughout the city, and monitoring street cuts by utility companies and other entities.


Please contact the Engineering Division at (301) 739-8577 ext. 125 for more information on our inspection operations.