Life Safety Infrastructure Grant


The goal of the Life Safety Infrastructure Grant Program is to assist businesses and property owners with costs related to water service infrastructure installation for downtown rehabilitation projects requiring a fire suppression system. This program is subject to funding availability and is on a first-come, first-served basis. All projects must pertain to commercial or mixed-use buildings.

Grant Information

The program provides grants of $15,000 to $25,000 to fund costs directly related to significant water service utility infrastructure upgrades for an NFPA compliant fire suppression system.  Such costs can include: street and sidewalk excavation, traffic control, upgraded water lines, meter vaults, water meters, fittings, street and sidewalk refinishing, and other exterior infrastructure components necessary for a fire suppression system installation or upgrade.

Fire Suppression System

Grants require a 1:1 match from the applicant. Example: a $25,000 grant would require a $25,000 investment from the applicant for a total project investment of $50,000.  Matching costs can include all work related to utility work and fire suppression system installation (interior and exterior).

Life Safety Infrastructure Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Commercial, professional office, retail, and mixed-use projects;
  2. Projects are within the City Center Mixed Use zoning district:
  3. Applicants shall be in good standing with the City of Hagerstown:
  4. Total project cost must demonstrate a minimum 1 for 1 match;
  5. Fire suppression system related water service installations associated with bricks and mortar renovation projects; and,
  6. Application must be aligned with the City of Hagerstown’s overall vision for the city.

Program Guidelines and Application

Click on the following link for full Life Safety Grant Program Guidelines

Click on the following link for full Life Safety Grant Application


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