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Microenterprise Grant Program Prescreen Questionnaire

  1. The following is a prescreening questionnaire for the Microenterprise Grant Program.  This questionnaire does not constitute an application for the program, however, it is the first step in determining applicants' eligibility to receive funding.

    After the prescreen questionnaire has been submitted a member of City Staff will be in touch with the indicated contact person to discuss next steps.  Any additional questions or concerns about this questionnaire can be directed to Lauren Metz, Planning and Outreach Coordinator, at or 301-739-8577 ext. 820.

    (Please note all answers to the below questions will be kept confidential.)

  2. Please note only business located in the City of Hagerstown or who do two-thirds of their business in the City of Hagerstown are eligible for funding.

  3. Applicants are asked to answer the following questions to determine if the applying business meets the eligibility criteria for the grant program.
  4. Does your business have five or fewer employees? (This number must include the owner(s) and is reflective of total headcount)*
  5. income limits
  6. The applying business' owner(s) must have an income that is either at or below the above income levels based on the number of persons residing in their household. Please select yes if the business owner's household has an income that is either at or below these levels and no if the business owner's income exceeds these listed amounts.*
  7. Grant awards are only provided to businesses that have already identified projects/service/products/etc. to spend grant funds on if awarded- has your business identified how the funding will be spent?*
  8. If your business has been operating for less than twelve (12) months will you be able to provide a copy of a business plan with your application?
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