Street Signs & Street Lines

Street Name and Traffic Signs
CALL 301-739-8577 x. 177

Our department is in charge of all traffic and street name signs for the City of Hagerstown.

Report a missing or damaged sign
Handicapped Parking Signs
If you are looking to have a new handicapped parking space sign installed you must first obtain and submit an application for a reserved handicap space to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. MVA will contact your doctor to verify your medical condition, and will then complete an investigation to determine whether or not a reserved space is warranted. If MVA feels that your request has merit, they will notify you, the State Highway Administration, and the City that they have approved the request; the City will then install the required handicap parking sign.

To begin the process, please call the MVA office in Glen Burnie, MD at (410) 768-7646, or refer to their website. MVA.

Or you may contact the Parks & Engineering Department at 301-739-8577 ext.129 for further information on how to obtain a handicapped parking space sign or have a handicapped parking sign uninstalled.

Parking Space Lines & Street Markings
Parking spaces usually vary between 18-22 feet long and 8-10 feet wide based on Parks & Engineering Department requirements and unique street conditions. We repaint these lines with either Thermo plastic, which last longer than paint, or with white paint. Parking space lines are painted every other year or as needed. Please email us to notify us of parking lines or street markings in need of a new coat of paint and we will put them on our list.

If you want to have parking space lines painted in areas where they do currently not exist please contact our Parks & Engineering Department at: 301-739-8577 x. 129.

Red Curbs
Red Curbs, much like parking lines, are being painted from April to October, weather permitting.

Curbs designated as such “No Parking Areas” are needed for example to mark fire hydrants, or serve as sight distance and large vehicle turning needs. Every year we paint about one half of existing red curbs so that over a two year time span every red curb is being repainted.