What should I do If my power goes out?
First, check your fuse or breaker box to see if the problem is there. If you are not familiar with how to check these boxes, do not attempt to do so. Get someone who does know how. Also, check with your neighbors to see if their power is on. If you live in an apartment building and believe the problem is internal, let the owner of the building know immediately. If you believe that the problem is not internal, please contact the Light Division at (301) 790-2600, anytime day or night.

Please do your best to ensure that the problem is not internal. If a lineworker is dispatched to investigate, and it turns out to be an internal problem, a charge of $85 will be billed to you. If it is our problem, then, of course, no bill will be rendered.

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1. What should I do If my power goes out?
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