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MDIFF Volunteer Projectionist

  1. Maryland International Film Festival
  2. We have 3 venues that need projectionist. Each time slot is approximately 2 hours.

    Please pick as many time slots as you would like to work. We would like at minimum for you time to pick 2 consecutive times slots (approximately 4hrs). You can work as many time slots as you would like.

    Time slot availability is on a first come basis.

  3. The Grand Piano Ballroom
    100 South Potomac St.
  4. Saturday, August 21
  5. Sunday, August 22
  6. ACT Black Box Studio

    100 South Potomac St.

  7. Saturday, August 21
  8. Sunday, August 22
  9. University System of Maryland - Hagerstown
    32 W Washington St.
  10. Saturday, August 21
  11. Sunday, August 22
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