Citizens Police Academy

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Citizen’s Police Academy

Ordinary citizens are given an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at the Hagerstown Police Department through the annual Citizen's Police Academy. Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 course, which runs from March 15th - May 8th.

The 11-session course gives participants an overview of several divisions and operations of the police department, from Patrol to Criminal Investigations. Class members can also go on a ride-along with a police officer and be trained for emergency preparedness in the event of a natural disaster. All sessions are led by current police personnel who use real-life examples from their experiences to instruct the class.

Session Schedule:

Session 1 - Meet the Chief

March 15th
Council Chambers 
1 E. Franklin Street

This session is an overview of the police department and its mission to the citizens of Hagerstown.  Chief Brito will discuss strategies, technology, personnel deployment, and resources in this open question-and-answer session.

Session 2 - Fourth Amendment/Search and Seizure

March 22nd
Washington County Free Library
100 S. Potomac St. 

Presenters will provide an overview of the fourth amendment and how it dictates when and how law enforcement can conduct searches and arrests.

Session 3 - Police Patrol and Traffic Stops

March 29th
Elgin Station
40 Elgin Blvd.

Police patrol procedures are covered, and you’ll learn why police conduct traffics stops in a particular way.  This will help attendees develop a better understanding of why stops are made and for what officers are looking. Driving under the influence and field interviews (questioning people on the street) are also covered.

Session 4 -Police and the Use of Force

April 5th
Department of Community and Economic Development
14 Public Square

Instructors will explain the varying Use of Force levels. Learn how police are trained to apply discretion when using force, and understand why police react in a particular way to a possible or imminent threat at different force levels. See how checks and balances are executed by the Internal Affairs Unit, the operation that polices the police within the department.

Sessions 5 & 6 -C.E.R.T. Training

April 12th and 14th 
16232 Elliot Parkway
Williamsport, MD 21795

Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) includes classroom instruction and some hands-on experience to show you how to help yourself and your neighbors in a disaster or emergency when first responders may be delayed due to the nature of a crisis. Training is geared for people ages 18-80 and for individuals with physical disabilities.

Session 7 - K-9 Demo/The Crime Lab and the "CSI Effect"

April 19th
Hagerstown Police Department
50 N. Burhans Blvd. 

You can’t believe everything you see on TV. You’ll learn how television distorts the true forensic science in criminal investigations. Instead, we’ll show you how investigators process a crime scene, and you’ll gain an understanding of how evidence is woven together to solve cases. During this session, you'll also get to see one of HPD’s K-9s in action and learn about the dog’s capabilities and training with its handler. 

Session 8 - Criminal Investigations

April 26th
Congregation B'nai Abraham
53 E. Baltimore Street

Take a look at some crime scene investigations from the point of view of the investigating detectives. Please be aware that this session will contain actual crime scene photos that are graphic in nature.

Session 9 - Washington County Narcotics Task Force and CPTED 

May 3rd
CW Brooks Building
45 W. Baltimore Street

Attendees will meet with members of the Washington County Narcotics Task Force and learn how they conduct investigations and arrest those that violate laws directly relating to drugs. During this session, you'll also learn how Crime Prevention through Environmental Design has been implemented in Hagerstown as a way to combat crime. 

Session 10 -SRT/Negotiaters/Range Day

May 5th

During this session, we’ll tell you more about the specialized tactical team and negotiators who are called in to respond to crisis situations. This session also includes a firearms safety training with HPD personnel.

Session 11 - Course Graduation with Mayor and Council

May 8th
City Hall
1 E. Franklin St.

You’re finished! Participants who attended six or more of the eleven sessions are invited to be recognized by the Mayor and City Council at their Regular Session. We’ll host a get-together after the meeting with snacks and refreshments.