Incentives for Homeowners

Living in Hagerstown offers all the benefits of being part of a unique and vibrant community. If you're thinking of relocating, or you already call Hagerstown home, take a look at some of the opportunities to make city life easy on your wallet!

You may be able to save some cash by taking advantage of one or more of our incentive programs:

I want to buy my new home in Hagerstown

Hagerstown Homeownership Program


Looking for your new home at a great price? Consider buying one of the City's completely renovated homes through the Homeownership Program.
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City-Wide Down Payment and Rehabilitation Program

Restore the unique and treasured beauty of one of our historical homes!  Program participants may receive up to $7,500 to be used for down payment or select rehabilitation projects in conjunction with the purchase of an existing vacant home in the City of Hagerstown or in conjunction with the conversion of a rental of 2 or more units to a single unit, owner-occupied home.

Program Application

I already live in Hagerstown and want to apply for a Rehabilitation Loan or Grant


Single Family Rehabilitation Loans and Residential Rental Rehabilitation Loans

- In need of comprehensive renovations to a single family structure or a multi-family structure? Your project may qualify for a low interest loan through the Department of Community and Economic Development. Loan funding is contingent upon Hagerstown Loan Review Authority approval and subject to funding availability. Single family homeowners may also qualify for a grant for eligible emergency repairs.  Federal CDBG income requirements apply.
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Emergency Repair Program

- An "emergency repair" is defined as a situation that is life threatening, or one that prohibits someone from living in decent, safe, and sanitary conditions.  Income-qualified homeowners may be eligible for a grant of up to $5,000 for eligible emergency repairs and/or a low interest loan to complete comprehensive improvements to their property.  Federal CDBG income requirements apply.
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Maryland Housing Rehabilitation Program (MHRP)

- If you're interested in remodeling or improving your home or just need to meet code requirements, this may be the program for you! Grants and loans are available based on eligibility. Both homeowners and investment property owners may apply.
Homeowner Application | Investment Property Owner Application | MHRP Program Website

To Apply:

For full program information, please contact the Dept. of Community and Economic Development. We strongly encourage applicants to call before applying.

Department of Community and Economic Development

301-739-8577 ext. 134 or ext. 820
14 N. Potomac St. Suite 200A
Hagerstown, MD 21740