Move-in Ready

  • Utilities are on (electric, water, gas)
  • Electric
    1. Free from hazards and exposed wires
  • Plumbing
    1. Free from hazards
    2. Unclogged drains, free from leaks, adequate water pressure
    3. All fixtures function as designed
    4. Water heater functions as designed
  • Heating/HVAC
    1. Furnace functions as designed
    2. Electric heat functions as designed
    3. Fossil fuel equipment has been serviced within the last year
  • Cleanliness
    1. Property is broom swept/vacuumed
    2. Bathroom and kitchen has been cleaned
  • Window and door locks are in place
  • Roof is sound and structure is free from leaks
  • Flooring
    1. Clean and free from warping or buckling
  • Painting
    1. Free from chipping paint
  • Smoke and CO alarms are installed, operating, and code compliant
  • Free from infestation
  • All renovations and repairs are completed
    1. All permits are closed with final inspection approvals