2022 Comprehensive Rezoning

The City’s updated Comprehensive Plan, visionHagerstown 2035, was adopted on April 3, 2018. In order to implement the Comprehensive Plan, the City undertook the 2020 Comprehensive Rezoning to create conforming uses and consistency between the Plan’s future land use map and our current zoning map.  This comprehensive rezoning became effective on July 23, 2020.

One of the significant changes of the 2020 Comprehensive Rezoning was rezoning of 35 properties to implement the new Institutional (INST) zone on schools, parks, government properties, and other institutional uses.

Recently, staff discovered eight properties that were inadvertently left out of the Institutional zone rezonings and two other museum properties that make sense to be rezoned INST. The following link shows maps of the properties intended to be rezoned as part of the 2022 Comprehensive Rezoning to clean up this INST issue.  The properties proposed for rezoning to INST are:

  1. Jonathan Hager Elementary School
  2. Terrapin Park
  3. 321 Highland Avenue/115 Key Street – future home of WCMFA expansion
  4. Wheaton Park
  5. 465 Pennsylvania Avenue – future home of Doleman Black Heritage Museum
  6. Oswald Park
  7. Woodland Way Park
  8. Rotary Club of Long Meadow Park
  9. Potomac Heights Elementary School
  10. Kiwanis Park

The City Planning Commission will hold a public review meeting on the proposed 2022 Comprehensive Rezoning on November 9 in the Council Chamber of City Hall at 7:00 p.m. Anyone interested in commenting, may attend the meeting in person and speak during the public review meeting.  Alternatively, you may send email or postal mail input in time for the meeting or during the 10-day period the record is left open. Such emails may go to Planning@hagerstownmd.org. Postal mail may go to Hagerstown Planning and Code Administration Department, 1 E. Franklin Street, Hagerstown, MD 21740.

Further information regarding the Maryland Open Meetings Law and special accommodations for the disabled may be obtained from the City Clerk at 301.739.8577, ext. 113 or TDD 301.797.6617.

If you have a question about the 2022 Comprehensive Rezoning, contact Planning staff at Planning@hagerstownmd.org or (301) 739-8577, ext.138.