Urban Improvement Project

Watch a live video stream of construction activities at the UIP

What is the Urban Improvement Project?

The Maryland Theatre project involves demolishing the theater's current box office and constructing a four-story, 30,000 square-foot addition across the front of the theater. The Board of Education project involves demolishing 13-17 S. Potomac St., next to the theatre, and constructing a five-story, 54,000 square-foot building adjoining the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts. An outdoor plaza will be developed in an area behind the theatre and the Barbara Ingram school to create 20,000 square feet of space for events, leisure and other uses.

When will the project start?

Mid June 2018 interior abatement work will begin. July 2018 demolition of the two buildings begins.

When will the project be completed?

Maryland Theatre is slated for completion October 2019. BISFA's expansion is anticipated to be completed in Spring 2020.

Why are we doing this?

With the Maryland Theatre expansion, the theatre will become a performing arts complex and will allow for larger acts as well as include support spaces. The expansion is also catalyst project #2 in the Community City Center Plan. The Barbara Ingram expansion will create additional classrooms and a cafeteria for Barbara Ingram students and other public school programs.

How will customers get to my business?

The sidewalk in front of the project will be closed to pedestrian traffic. The sidewalk on the east side of the street will be open. The right thru lane on South Potomac Street will be closed.

What about downtown business deliveries?

Delivery trucks will use the right thru lane between the First Hagerstown Hose station and Antietam Street.

Urban Improvement Timeline

What about bus and parent drop-off/pick-up?

It is proposed that parking spaces on the south side of W. Washington Street be reserved for parent pick-up and drop-off. Busses will pickup students behind the building. Parents will have to circle the block until space opens up on West Washington Street. This plan will be tried at the beginning of the school year in September and modified if necessary.

Who is paying for this?

These projects are funded through a mix of Governor, State, County, City and Private funding efforts.