City Challenges

What a Connection!

The Challenge
Walk the trail connecting Pangborn Park and Fairgrounds Park with the Fairgrounds loop and Pangborn walking path for a scenic 1.75 miles!

Challenge yourself to visit two parks in one day! 

Fairgrounds Park Main Sign at Entrance

Whether you’ve just started walking or are an “already established” walker, the City of Hagerstown’s walking tours offer five alternate routes with intriguing points of interest that will give you the opportunity to discover interesting facts about our City’s rich history while you get(or stay!) physically fit!

North End Walk

The Challenge
Travel up N. Potomac Street and Oak Hill Avenue; through the Potomac-Broadway and Oak Hill historic districts; and, then loop back to downtown through Pangborn Park, the Hamilton Run trails, and Fairgrounds Park.

Johnathan Street Neighborhood Walk

The Challenge
Travel through the Johnathan Street Community and pass by many important cultural and historic resources that are related to Hagerstown’s African-American heritage and industrial heritage.

City Park Walk

The Challenge
Travel through the S. Potomac Street and City Park historic districts with a loop through Hagerstown’s beautiful City Park.

West End Walk

The Challenge
Travel through the southern half of Hagerstown’s West End with the first leg running along the Old National Pike on W. Washington Street and the halfway point passing through Hellane Park and City’s West End water facility. The return leg takes walkers pas Winter Street Elementary School along W. Franklin Street(US40)

National Pike Walk

The Challenge
Travel past the former hospital site, Hager Park, the Marsh Run Trail, Rose Hill Cemetery, and Bester Elementary School; and, return along the route of the Old National Pike on Frederick Street, E. Baltimore Street, and S. Potomacac Street. A short detour at the midway point would take walkers over to Municipal Stadium, home of the Hagerstown Suns.

Hub City Bike Loop

The Challenge
Bike to each park along the bike route using our Bike map! You can find the map at our office located at Fairgrounds Park or download online at:  

Biking is a great way to get exercise, whether during your commute or out on the weekends. The average bike commuter loses 13 pounds during the first year. Cycling also helps fight hearth disease, obestity, and diabetes. Biking is also good for the environment; it has a minimal carbon footprint and helps to reduce traffic congestion, and air and noise pollution. 

Visit ALL 21 of our Beautiful Parks

Visit all of our 21 beautiful parks this summer!

You taken the challenge, why not take it to its fullest extend! Get out, enjoy the beautiful weather this summer, and have fun! 


The Challenge
Catch a Pokémon on Pokémon Go with a notable park symbol in background. Post it on our Facebook page!

Another reason to get our and enjoy our parks in Hagerstown, while getting active!

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