Kiwanis Park Challenges

Creek Walk

The Challenge
Walk/jog/run the walking trail at Kiwanis Park. A short, yet peaceful loop offers relaxing views.  Do the loop 5 times and complete 1 mile!

Situated behind the Light Business Park off Eastern Boulevard, Kiwanis is the first City park with a canoe/kayak launch ramp to provide public access to a three-mile stretch of the Antietam Creek. You will notice the old stone structure known as the "Saylor House." Plans are underway in cooperation between the Washington County Historical Trust, the Antietam Creek Watershed Alliance, and the City to re-purpose the historic structure for classes and education on historical preservation and the environment. Near the octagon pavilion, visitors will notice a beautiful flower garden in bloom with many colorful varieties of flora including butterfly weed to attract and support the migration patterns of the legendary Monarch Butterfly.

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Down River

The Challenge
Antietam Creek side access allows you the opportunity to get your boat on the water! Bring your own canoe or kayak and safety float jacket.  Bring binoculars to amplify the sights of the creek. 

Paddling is a low impact activity.  One of the great things about paddling as a fitness activity is that you can get a great workout without pounding on your joints.  Which means it's also a great option for people who have problems with their knees or hips. Being one of the few outdoor activities that really focuses on the upper body, it also offers people who like to exercise regularly a good balance to their routine. It helps avoid many of the common over-use injuries.

Bird Watching in the Park

The Challenge
See how many kinds of birds you can spot!

Take it Further
Hear them; see them; know them! Learn to identify by sight and sound some of the many bird species that inhabit our urban parks. “Bird Watching Walks” are a free service, provided in partnership with the Washington County Bird Club. No previous experience required, all ages are welcome. 

“Bird Walks” in Kiwanis Park begin at the parking lot and bring your binoculars and dress for the weather. Bird Walks begin at 8:00 a.m. and last about an hour.

Reduce your stress. Take a look at the world from a different perspective. View nature using more than just your sense of sight, and witness the parks’ most melodic inhabitants in a new light. To view a complete listing of “Bird Watching Walks” in various City of Hagerstown parks, visit:

Travel The World

The Challenge
Find the (1) Geocache located at Kiwanis Park!

What is Geocaching
Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

Geocaching can help give an improved health status and fewer days of poor mental and physical health than a comparative sample. It has shown to be an effective nontraditional method of physical activity for any age!


The Challenge
Take a moment and see if you can find the butterfly's at the butterfly garden in Kiwanis Park! 

Take it further
Learn what you can do to support the epic migration of the Monarch Butterflies.  Start with our free educational program series in partnership with the Monarch Alliance. This species of native voyager butterfly has certain habitat needs to support the lifecycle of these beautiful creatures; learn all the ways that you can help them along their migratory journey!

How to play
Join us any of the following Saturdays from 11am-1pm for free educational program series with the Monarch Alliance! August 10 at Kiwanis Park for a butterfly and native plant workshop! August 25 and September 21 at the Jonathan Hager House Museum in Hagerstown City Park for a wing-making workshop, tag and release demo and butterfly parade. All ages and ability levels welcome!

Monarch Butterflies need milkweed! They instinctively and exclusively seek milkweed plants to lay their eggs as larvae need the plant to strengthen and protect their wings for flight as generations of the Monarchs continue their migration route from Mexico to Canada. Kiwanis Park is the City of Hagerstown’s first park with an official Monarch Butterfly way-station. Learn how to attract Monarchs to your garden, and what else you can do to support and track their journey! 

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