Fairgrounds Park Challenges

Travel The World

The Challenge
Find the (1) geocache

What is Geocaching
Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

How do you play

Geocaching can help give an improved health status and fewer days of poor mental and physical health than a comparative sample. It has shown to be an effective nontraditional method of physical activity for any age!

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Outdoor Fitness Equipment Workout

The Challenge
Challenge yourself to one of our Outdoor Fitness Equipment Workout stations at Fairgrounds Park!  

Incorporating these machines into your walk or jog will create a well-rounded workout!

Make it More Challenging
Add an extra station! 

Each fitness station offers different options to work your total body:

Fitness Station #1
 (near Parks & Rec office): Recumbent Bike, Rowing Machine, Combo Press & Pull, and a Multi-Gym.

Fitness Station #2 (near Main entrance): Airwalker Plus Single, Two Person Rotator & Dip Station, and Pullup Station.

Fitness Station #3 (at North Playground): Ellyptical Cross Trainer Single, Single Sit Up Board and Leg Press Double. 

Ice Ice Baby

Put on a pair of ice skates and cool off on the ice at the Ice Rink at Farigrounds Park!

Summer is here, this is a “cool” way to get in some exercise out of the heat while having fun!

Find out more here!

Fairgrounds Mile

Enjoy the 1 Mile Walking Trail at Fairgrounds Park, outlined with distance markers that covers the entire perimeter of the park!  Walk, jog, or bike the trail!  And, why not challenge yourself to 2 Miles if one mile comes easy.

Developed by the City of Hagerstown beginning in 1999, this park includes about 70 acres and draws its name from the site's early days of service as a horse-racing track and agricultural exhibition venue; it was historically the home of the Hagerstown Fairgrounds Association, and hosted the great Hagerstown Fair dating back as far as the 1850s! 

Today this park is the site of the "Junior Mason Parks & Recreation Building Complex," recently named in honor of Junior Mason, who served the City for over 4 decades, and oversaw the restoration, renovation, and re-purposing of the historic grandstand facility building into the destination location it is today. The building complex now houses the City's Parks & Recreation administrative offices, the Police Athletic League, Parks' workshop and garage, and the first-ever indoor recreation “Fit Room” to host parks & recreation activities, programs, and events. 

Make it More Challenging
Add the outdoor fitness equipment into it! 

Fit For You

The Challenge
Drop in on one of our fitness classes in our NEW Indoor Fit Room at Fairgrounds Park, located at 532 Cannon Avenue near the stables. 

Get up and get moving! See if one of our classes is what you are looking for to get fit!  We offer everything from Yoga to Tai Chi to Dance Fitness and Nutrition classes!

Visit here to learn more about what we offer: 


Dog-on Fit

The Challenge
Get fit with fido by taking your best friend to our dog park!  While you are there, challenge yourselves to fit in the one-mile loop at Fairgrounds Park, outlined with distance markers that covers the entire perimeter of the park!

Get all of the benefits of walking, with your dog! Dogs are great motivators for walking because they:

  • Provide a strong motivation to maintain a program
  • Are good walking companions
  • Provide good social support when exercising


Dynamic Warm-Up

The Challenge

Warm-up before you walk or jog!  This challenge will enhance your walking or running programs.  Dynamic means movement is involved versus static stretching.  Do leg lunges and body weight squats with the help of a picnic table (or park bench), working all major muscle groups in your body and stretching your hips.  These warm-up moves focus on problem areas for walkers and runners to stretch your body before your exercise routine.  Overall helping your performance and reducing injury! 

Park Bench Workout

The Challenge
Turn an ordinary park bench into a total body workout!  Work major muscle groups including your core.  You can make it as challenging as you like – beginners to move advanced.  Exercise moves include bench push-ups for upper body, bench planks to work your core, and leg squats to work your lower body and help with balance. 

You can turn your next visit to the park to a workout!  While the kids play on the playground, burn calories and get a great workout!  

Swing Away

The Challenge
Turn an ordinary swing set into a total body workout and burn calories!  Work every major muscle group and your core! Use the swing set like a TRX Suspension Trainer, that means every exercise you do with the swing works your use your core and stabilizing techniques.  All fitness levels can participate!  Use the swing to do push-ups, tricep extensions, bicep curls, core roll-outs, leg squats, and reverse lunges. 

Swinging on a swing is great fun and a way to burn 200 calories for every hour spent enjoying yourself. We are never too old for a good old fashion swing!

You can turn your next visit to the park to a workout!  While the kids play on the playground, burn calories and get a great workout!   

Have a great idea for a new challenge? Email it to okimberlin@hagerstownmd.org!