Community Enhancement Inspections

The City is committed to protecting the safety of our citizens and the quality of life and property values in our neighborhoods.  Quality of life for residents and property values for owners are influenced by the conditions of properties.  In addition, certain conditions such as overgrown shrubbery and trees and failing structures can negatively affect the safety of residents, pedestrians, and motorists.  PCAD conducts proactive and complaint driven inspections for violations of community enhancement issues on any property in the city.  Inspections focus on sanitation, unsafe structures, lack of utilities, exterior conditions, shrubs and trees hanging over sidewalks, streets, and alleys, weeds and high grass, vines growing on buildings, unlicensed vehicles, inappropriate trash set-outs, etc. We appreciate every citizen and property owner ensuring that community conditions do not deteriorate to the point that our office needs to get involved for enforcement.

 Please call (301) 739 8577 Ext. 103 to report a suspected violation / condition