Mayor & Council Goals & Priorities 2015 through 2016

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  A diverse, business-friendly, and sustainable community with clean, safe and strong neighborhoods.
  Providing the most efficient and highest quality services as the municipal location of choice for all customers.

Health, safety and welfare 
 Positive character and transparency
 Turning liabilities into assets
 Creative, progressive action
 Neighborhoods, children and families
 Excellence and continuous improvement
 Diversity and inclusivity
 Partnerships and stakeholder feedback
 Sustainable growth
The City of Hagerstown has a diverse, business-friendly economy that supports the community’s needs.

  • Build a public-private partnership to provide high-speed broadband in excess of 1Gb to attract high-tech business to the City.
  • Implement the Main Street Maryland Program to enhance collaboration among diverse partners who support the downtown.
  • Implement the Community's City Center Plan to promote economic development and strong neighborhoods in our core.
    • Catalyst Project #1 - Select a developer to construct new Class-A offices on the Central Parking Lot.
    • Catalyst Project #2 - Work with public and private partners to support the expansion of Maryland Theatre programming and facilities.
    • Catalyst Project #3 - Work in support of USMH to expand academic program offerings and facilities, including student housing.
    • Catalyst Project #5 - Construct a multi-use trail linking the Arts & Entertainment District with City Park and the WCMFA.
    • Catalyst Project #7 - Expand operations of the City Farmers' Market to include additional hours and a greater variety of vendors.
  • Implement the business resource and creative work space area to support small business start-ups and collaboration among entrepreneurs.
  • Identify assets of the Meritus properties to cooperatively market for re-use and development in partnership with Meritus.
  • Participate with the County and the private sector on the extension of Professional Court across Antietam Creek and the annexation/development of Mt. Aetna farms.
  • Collaborate with Washington County Government and the private sector to re-develop the former Massey property in support of the library and the neighborhood.
  • Partner with Washington County and the Board of Education on the proposed Education Hub to expand academic opportunities in City Center.
 Economic Development

The City of Hagerstown establishes and maintains quality services and infrastructure that support residents and business in a cost-effective manner.

  • Create a plan for the revitalization and re-use of the MELP property to support the city’s East end.
  • Explore use options for Municipal Stadium to enhance the social and economic vitality of Hagerstown's East end.
  • Further strengthen Fairgrounds Park with diverse recreation opportunities through use of the Grandstand area.
  • Improve and increase access to waterways for recreational opportunities and economic development, to include Antietam Creek, Hamilton Run, Marsh Run, and Town Run.
  • Enhance the benefit of the Greens at Hamilton Run golf course to the community and improve its long-term financial feasibility. 
  • Ensure future use of the Winter Street Elementary School supports Hagerstown's West end neighborhood.
  • Develop a plan for the future need and use of the City's Edgemont water facilities, including the reservoir, watershed property, and the Breichner water treatment facility.
  • Incorporate new technologies that provide and promote a more customer-oriented parking experience.
  • Expand "pocket park" development in several areas, including Kiwanis Park, to provide neighborhood and recreational facilities.
 Public Facilities and Infrastructure

The City of Hagerstown believes in an ethical and financially responsible government, while supporting an engaged citizenry to make the community more than the sum of its parts. 

  • Integrate technology throughout City operations to enhance the customer experience and increase citizen access to City services and information.
  • Evaluate the future structure and delivery of City services within the availability of our community's financial resources and in response to the needs of Hagerstown's residents.
  • Promote awareness and understanding of the City's finances through accessible and easy-to-use data presentations.
  • Grow the Hagerstown Strong Program - a volunteer outreach group pairing volunteers with government staff.
  • Grow a foundation of active and engaged residents to serve on various City boards and commissions.
  • Promote community engagement initiatives under the "engageHagerstown" brand to increase participation and actionable outcomes.
  • Grow resident awareness of x311 and explore a resident notification system to more effectively share information.
  • Improve access to City website information for mobile device users.
Citizen-Based Government 

The citizens of Hagerstown experience a high quality of life in their neighborhood.

  • Secure State funding and hire a consultant to develop a housing and neighborhood plan based on Mayor & Council's goals to strengthen Hagerstown as a residential community by addressing key issues such as concentration of poverty, non-profit/subsidized housing, concentration of social services providers and quality of housing stock in the older neighborhoods.
  • Adopt a "Complete Streets" policy to incorporate multi-modal transportation in Hagerstown's future street re-construction.
  • Incorporate pillars of the Character Counts! program through visible branding in the downtown and parks.
  • Foster adopt-a-block programs throughout the City modeled after the adoption of E. Franklin St. and streetscape improvements.
  • Promote neighborhood-based services and citizen engagement by defining neighborhood boundaries and identities and also by expanding Neighborhoods 1st programming.
  • Improve conditions in neighborhoods by working with owners, tenants and investors utilizing the Rental Facilities and Vacant Structures programs.
  • Expand efforts in Problem-Solving Policing through neighborhood patrol walks and direct engagement of citizens.
  • Enact a progressive Land Management Code and related ordinance amendments to strengthen City neighborhoods.

The City of Hagerstown supports a rich, social and culturally vibrant community.

  • Establish multi-use walking trails in the Marsh Run area of the City (Antietam Creek to City Park).
  • Develop a program to add public art throughout City neighborhoods, parks and public gathering places on an annual basis.
  • Support increased programming for multi-cultural events, festivals and performances.
  • Foster an age-friendly community to make city living attractive to people of all ages.
  • Enhance visitor attractions at Potterfield Pool, including a "sprayground" area.
  • Develop and expand programs through the Parks & Recreation Division to increase active, healthy living of citizens.
  • Establish goals and initiatives supportive of the HEAL Cities & Towns campaign to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles.
  • Establish a community garden for citizens to grow and cultivate foods and produce.
  • Enhance the City's standing as a "Bicycle Friendly Community" through additions of bike lanes, bike racks and rider-friendly routes.
  • Establish a "Wireless Parks" initiative to provide free Internet services in the major City parks.
  • Provide interactive opportunities for visitors to trails / parks to increase their knowledge of City History.
  • Pursue certification through the Sustainable Maryland Certified Program to incorporate eco-friendly practices at a cost savings while enhancing quality of life amenities.
Active and Healthy Living 

The City of Hagerstown ensures that all who live, work, and play in the City of Hagerstown are safe.

  • Improve the model of data/community driven public safety enforcement through incorporation of National Safety Standards.
  • Work with State delegation and community stakeholders to develop legislation and programs to address gangs, violence, drug activity and juvenile crimes.
  • Purchase a replacement ladder truck for Pioneer Hook & Ladder.
  • Partner with Washington County Volunteer Fire & Rescue's Recruitment & Training Coordinator to strengthen the volunteer program within HFD.
  • Implement the HFD Strategic Plan to guide the future operations of the department.
  • Strengthen an Emergency Preparedness Program to further coordinate emergency response between City departments.
  • Integrate GPS and calls for police service, including enhanced field reporting and crime camera monitoring.
  • Address violent crime and gang activity utilizing the latest in Predictive Policing technology.  
  • Enhance the management of juvenile offenders through the use of a Juvenile Officer Coordinator.
Public Safety 

The City of Hagerstown is committed to employee development, excellence in services, and adapting to meet the needs of the community and the organization.

  • Use data to guide decision-making and program development throughout City operations.
  • Adopt continuous improvement strategies throughout all City operations.
  • Complete implementation of an Electronic Time and Attendance Reporting to enhance the tracking of employee time and leave.
  • Incorporate a Self-Funded Worker's Compensation Program to reduce costs and enhance occupational health.
  • Explore alternate employee and retiree health plan options to ensure the future sustainability of benefit offerings.
 City of Hagerstown