Code Administration

The Code Administration operations strive to advance the economy, image and quality of life in Hagerstown and to be Professional, Fair and Consistent as we administer the City's Code Administration programs and codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

             Frequently Asked Licensing Questions
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                     Sign Permits
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             Plumbing Permits
             Mechanical Permits
             Curb/Sidewalk/Driveway Entrance Permits
             Street Closure/Detour - No Parking Signs
             Permit Fees
             Residential Energy Efficiency Certificate


             Rental Licensing
             Trade Licensing/Registration
             Vacant Structure Licensing


             Permit Inspections
             Licensing Inspections (Rental/Vacant)

Online Services

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Codes / Ordinances

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             Snow Shoveling Guidelines

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           Landlord issues with Tenants
             Tenant issues with Landlords
             Landlord and Tenants - Tips on Avoiding Disputes