Park Improvement Projects

The City's Parks & Recreation Division is constantly working to improve our park system, including the addition of amenities at each park, upgrades to existing facilities, or the development of totally new parks. Below is a list of current and planned projects - for more information, please contact the Parks & Recreation Division at 301-739-8577 ext. 169.

National Road Park

In January of 2015, the City Council approved the acquisition of the property at 806 West Washington Street for “…the creation of a public park or open space”. The purpose of this acquisition is to improve the livability of the immediate neighborhood, add open space, and remove blighting influence caused by the lot that has been vacant since the market burned in 1998. Based on citizen input, the final concept is an interactive-based neighborhood park that incorporates children’s play elements, art, shade, and a small gathering area. Construction is expected to begin in mid-2016.


National Road Park Concept Rendering

Fit Room at Fairgrounds Park

On the upper level of the grandstand in Fairgrounds Park is an area that was formerly used for storage, that we propose to create an indoor recreation space for our recreation programs. We envision various City Recreation programs, Police Athletic League activities, and public groups using this space. The steel frame of the grandstand is incorporated into the design creating an attractive open space for recreational uses or uses by the public. Parks Division staff will complete the work by late Spring 2016.


Fit Room Concept Rendering