Annexing Property
The City of Hagerstown can only annex property into the city if the property is contiguous to the city's corporate boundary. If your property is contiguous and you would like to pursue annexation into the City of Hagerstown, please contact the Planning Office at (301)790-4163, extension 138.

Annexation into the City of Hagerstown can provide certain benefits to the property owners. Examples include more flexible zoning classifications, lower water and sewer rates, lower county property tax rates, enhanced urban services, and economic development incentives.

Needed Documentation
In order to start the process of annexing your property into the city, several documents need to be submitted to the City. The documents include:
  • A corporate boundary survey
  • A description of the property to be annexed
  • A petition signed by at least 25% of the qualified voters, as well as 25% of the owners of assessed property in the area to be annexed
  • An assessment certification documenting the value of the land
  • Verification of the number of registered voters residing on the subject property
Following a period of public notification, a public hearing is held before the Mayor and City Council. If adopted, the annexation becomes effective 45 days after the adoption.

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