Architect/Engineer Professional Services Walk Through


For questions: Contact, Amanda Whitmore, Downtown Coordinator, (301) 739-8577 x 822.


Complete program guidelines apply. Download Guidelines and Application Form from program website:

Professional Services Walk Through Guidelines
Professional Services Walk Through Application

Program Goals:

1. Provide realistic cost basis for renovation of properties for given uses.
2. Help building owners make better investment decisions given project costs and current codes.
3. Improve success and lower costs for renovation projects and possibly increase the rate of renovations.
4. Educate investors about the building codes as they relate to their properties. 

Eligible Applicants:

  • All properties must be in the Main Street Hagerstown area.
  • Property must be commercial or mixed-use.
  • Property owners must be in good standing with the City and State and not delinquent on any City or County taxes for the property, or any other financial obligations to the City for the property. 

Ineligible Applicants:

  • Residential properties.

Application Process and Requirements:

  • Complete the Architect/Engineer Professional Services Walk Through Application.
  • Up to $500 will be reimbursed depending on the size and complexity of the property to be reviewed.
  • A staff committee will review the application and determine the eligibility.
  • Funding is subject to availability and will be paid to your business upon submission of receipts showing work performed and submission of the report.
  • Work must be performed by a Maryland licensed architect or engineer. To find a licensed professional use the following link:
  • The architect’s/engineer’s work must be completed after you receive Grant approval.
  • Invoices or receipts must be submitted and the date of services performed must be after the date of Grant approval.
  • Work must be completed within 60 days of approval or grant will be forfeited.
  • Final report is provided to the property owner and also to the City of Hagerstown.
  • Upon approval of application, applicants will be provided a Walk Through Checklist as a guiding document.