Our Objective

Change in our city is most successful and most impactful when our community members are actively engaged and involved in our processes. The City is committed to pursuing a broad range of community input from diverse points of view. We focus on informing the public, gathering feedback, and empowering our community to be part of the positive change we collectively seek to make.

The Website

The engageHagerstown website is an online platform to provide opportunities for our community to connect, collaborate and put ideas to work.  We host a series of conversations that invite you to share your ideas and stories and win prizes for your input from our Rewards Store.

engageHagerstown was built on the belief that the best way to build community is with the community.  By using a platform that allows you to contribute from your own home and on your own schedule, we believe that we will be able to engage a broader audience. With this broader audience comes a broader range of ideas, solutions and participation. 

So, who should participate on this site? You! We want your ideas, your feedback, your comments and your point of view. Together, we can build a better Hagerstown!

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